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CPEC Benefits Real Estate in Pakistan


It has not all been clear plain sailing for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) but the completion date is close, for what is expected to be a great fillip for the region.  The 3,000 km long passage that is built along the ‘Pakistan’s free Kashmir’ will enhance connectivity between the two countries. Rail, road, pipelines, and optical cable fiber network will modernize the region and will stimulate trade between China’s Xinjiang province and Pakistan’s Gwadar port. This will pave the way for easier access to China and its Silk Road.

The $46 billion project is a core component of the Silk Road initiative, the primary foreign policy goal of China. New trade routes are opening and business between China and Europe has more than doubled in the last year. CPEC which seeks to strengthen energy, transport, the Gwadar port and industrial cooperation but will expand to cover finance, science, technology, and education.

The Belt and Road is great for the country, already thousands of jobs have been created for Pakistani people and with greater transport infrastructure between north and south this will have a positive effect on real estate. Travel distances between Kashgar and Lahore will be reduced and similarly Kashgar to Karachi, this will encourage buyers to search in alternative locations.

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