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Situation on Pak – India Border & Cold Start Doctrine | Zain Khan & Brig (R) Abdul Hafeez

Tactical Talk: Season 1 - Episode 46: Zain Khan & Brig (R) Abdul Hafeez | Situation on Pak - India Border & Cold Start Doctrine


Tactical Talk (Update) Pakistan views India’s cold start doctrine as a real threat to its security and is unwilling to give up the defensive mechanism it has built to counter this threat, officials and experts said.

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India’s cold start doctrine, and the tactical weapons that Pakistan has made to counter this threat, drew international attention when US President Barack Obama mentioned them at his news conference.

A Pakistani expert explained that the cold start doctrine or the proactive operations strategy, as India now preferred to call it, was not a putative or ‘hypothetical’ theory.

“It’s neither merely a concept nor a myth. It is an operationalized reality that has compelled Pakis­tan to take suitable deterrence measures,’ the expert added.

Pakistan had taken “minimal measures to credibly deter India” across the strategic, operational and tactical spectrum of threat; the expert further added.

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