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Ukrainian Conflict | Zain Khan & Peter Lavelle

Tactical Talk: Season 1 - Episode 49: Zain Khan & Peter Lavelle | Ukrainian Conflict


Tactical Talk (Update) The head of Russia’s Security Council has said that US military aid to the Kiev regime was very unlikely as Washington is not interested in its success. It only intended to use the conflict in Ukraine as leverage for US influence on the European Union.

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As for military aid to Ukraine, I think this is not something to count on. Washington has no need of Ukraine’s military success just as it is not interested in the economic prosperity of this country,” Nikolai Patrushev told reporters on Tuesday.

He also noted that the United States were directly influencing top Ukrainian politicians and had used the crisis situation in the country, including the military conflict in Donbass, for its own geopolitical ends.

It depends on the Department of State if the Minsk agreements will be observed. The White House emphasizes Europe’s dependence when decisions on international relations are made. It also uses sanctions in attempts to break Russia, which carries out independent internal and external policies,” Interfax quoted the security official as saying.

The war started by Kiev gives Washington an opportunity to radically influence the policies of EU nations and demonstrate their ‘exceptionalism’ in solving any issues in any region of the world,” Patrushev told reporters.

Patrushev also said that according to his information all key decisions on staff issues in Kiev were made only after approval from the United States. “Failure to comply will lead to the replacement of the Ukrainian President and cabinet with politicians that most eagerly heed any orders from Washington.

Every visit to Ukraine by [US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs] Victoria Nuland is a proof that Ukraine is not an independent country but remains under Washington’s external management. It is obvious that these visits are not connected with advice and consultations on regional security as Western propaganda wants us to believe, but with direct orders on how the Ukrainian leaders should act,” he said.

He noted that the United States had extensive experience in destroying entire nations and currently it seeks not only to put an end to historical unity between Russians and Ukrainians, but also to sow ethnic discord inside Ukraine.

Washington’s policy heats up nationalist sentiments against compact ethnic groups that live there – Russians, Romanians, Hungarians, Poles and others and this could result in Ukraine’s breakup into several parts,” the Russian security chief warned.
He added that US politicians had already succeeded in using this approach with several countries, in particular Yugoslavia. “Once a powerful multi-ethnic state, now it is split into several small countries that cannot follow an independent course in foreign politics.”

Washington is currently pursuing similar goals in North Africa and in the Middle East,” Patrushev noted.

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