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Netherlands prepare for exit from EU and cooperation with Russia


The project on holding a referendum similar to Brexit is being prepared in the Netherlands, said Geert Wilders, the leader of the Freedom Party thus far leading the Netherlands’ polls.

“The wellbeing of our country depends on independence and opportunity to make decisions. The events of the last months have shown that we have to solve the referendum issue on the EU membership as soon as possible. Brussels shouldn’t dictate with whom we should have economic and political relations. Restoration of relations with Russia is the priority direction for the traditionally trade country the Netherlands have always been. For many centuries our states have been founding only advantage of mutual cooperation despite the existing conflicts. And today lifting the anti-Russian sanctions is a necessary condition of our safe future,” emphasized the politician.

“Brussels makes decisions, proceeding only from its interests, turning a deaf ear to people’s opinion, and the European Union is an expansionist monster busy seizing territories, and also stealing our social system, identity and democracy. Any decisions will get the fixed legal status only separately from the EU. Economically we will become stronger, among others owing to relations and trade with Russia,” added Geert Wilders.
Earlier in the Netherlands there took place a referendum supported by the Freedom Party during which the majority of the country residents spoke against ratification of the association agreement with Ukraine.

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