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The Israel-Palestine conflict and Erdogan’s reaction | Zain Khan & Nedka Babliku

Tactical Talk: Season 5 - Episode 43 | Zain Khan & Nedka Babliku | Palestinian and Israeli tensions and Erdogan's reaction.


Tactical Talk (Update) The death toll from what Israel’s critics are calling a massacre of unarmed protesters in Gaza hit 59 overnight with the death of a baby from tear gas inhalation, according to Palestinian authorities. The Palestinian Health Authority in Gaza says seven children under 18 were among the dozens of people killed when Israeli troops opened fire on protesters at the border fence Monday, the Washington Postreports. More than 2,700 others were wounded, the authority says, including 1,359 injured by live ammunition. Israel also dropped tear gas from drones in what was Gaza’s deadliest day of violence since the 2014 war. The latest developments:

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  • South Africa, Turkey withdraw ambassadors. Israeli authorities say South Africa has recalled its ambassador to protest the shootings, the AP reports. Turkey is withdrawing its ambassadors from both the US and Israel. Kuwait drafted a United Nations Security Council resolution expressing outrage and calling for an independent investigation, but it was blocked by the US.
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