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Zain Khan Live: Where everything is discussed | Official Trailer


Zain Khan Live‘ is a global talk show where Zain Khan interviews celebrities, intellectuals and public figures from around the world. Zain Khan Live discusses a wide range of topics for it’s esteemed audience. Celebrity interviews, Entertainment, Conspiracy Theory, Theology, Philosophy and so much more is discussed in this show.

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About Zain Khan:

A broadcast journalist, filmmaker and columnist, Zain Khan’s opinions and special coverage in journalism have been featured in The Guardian, CNN, BBC, The Independent and NBC News. Zain Khan is a fantastic Talk Show host; his show is based on Foreign Policy and Geopolitics for Tactical Talk Network. His first show ever; ‘Tactical Talk’ depicts global narratives on foreign policies, defense and geopolitics. His second show ‘Zain Khan Live’ is his personal broadcast where he interviews celebrities, intellectuals and public figures from around the globe. Zain Khan has also been a guest on different television shows discussing geopolitics.

In the movie industry, Zain Khan brings a history of innovative documentaries, thought-provoking and informative drama films and interesting issue-based broadcast packages not just for Pakistan, but also the international audience. Some of his credits include the official Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s documentary on the dharna (sit-in) in Islamabad for 120 days, and the educational film on Sufi shrines in Pakistan. Zain is a prominent activist against injustice and the real causes of terrorism, he is regularly seen as a participant and as a filmmaker in social causes and political protests, bringing the real story behind the scenes to his esteemed audience.

Zain Khan is also a columnist that writes on a variety of subjects. His recent research articles are based on China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and their respective global economic implications. Zain Khan has written several articles on Geopolitical Analysis and Foreign Policy which have been published in newspapers, magazines and think tanks around the world. Zain Khan is also currently the Hollywood and wrestling commentator for StyleGQ.com, where he writes reviews on the latest Hollywood movies and commentaries on wrestling storylines.

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