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Is South Asian Union a gateway to sustainable human development? | Zain Khan & Aisha Malik

Tactical Talk: Season 5 - Episode 63 | Is South Asian Union a gateway to sustainable human development? | Zain Khan & Aisha Malik. MS. Aisha Malik, Member Board of Trustees & Director of IKDAR - Imran Khan Developmental Academic Research - discusses: Is South Asian Union a gateway to sustainable human development? with Zain Khan on Tactical Talk. Since the beginning of time, man has searched for peace. Once man has established a just and law-abiding society, peace will be around the corner. World 4 Peace is the base project of IKDAR.


Tactical Talk (Human Rights Theory) Since the beginning of time, man has searched for peace. Once man has established a just and law abiding society, peace will be around the corner.

World 4 Peace is the base project of IKDAR.

IKDAR’s World 4 Peace is the creation of Dr. Imran Khan who envisions idealistic societies, globally. This endeavor is a grave task due to the struggle of warring nations and factions to exist and co-exist peacefully so that there can be equal growth opportunities for all.

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World 4 Peace is a visionary ideology committed to taking giant leaps for a peaceful world. The mantra is to restore, revive, reform and refine all of the diminished moral, ethical, cultural, social, economic and political values.

Ancient or modern, either of civilizations contributed their set share of values towards their native societies for the purpose of better selection of norms, cultures and conventions for the greater evolution of mankind.

The human being traveled long distances to cover different territories for their habitation and reached to the pinnacle of his intelligence quotient due to which he is daring to conquer universe even constantly facing disasters, calamities, conflicts, hunger, poverty, wars and love during this journey till today. He segregated himself into color, cast, creed, race and religion but remains the same, a human. The only species among all who nurtured himself over the period of time through values to feel the pain of others even scarifying his own valuable life to save another life.

History is abundant of sagas and episodes of these kinds. The best of the best value ever achieved by human being is to sacrifice, selflessly. This value alone is above all the existing socio-economic, political and environmental values together. And it is also the only binding value for all human beings to co-exist in an aboriginal or universal diversified society.

IKDAR took a daunting task of all times to restore, revive, reform and refine this one most unique value of mankind through academically visionary, research fully innovative, intelligently creative and selfless projects and methods in order to abridge gaps and gulfs between have and have not nations that their societies on the planet can coexist peacefully even keeping their principled stands and contentions intact.

IKDAR’s World 4 Peace completely and absolutely is the derivation of the idea of her Chief Patron Dr. Imran Khan who re-iteratively emphasized on ‘giving peace a chance’ not only in the affected regions of South Asia but globally. The ideal global appeal of Dr. Imran Khan leads to managing various conflicts throughout the world in general, South Asia and Middle East in particular.

The global appeal of giving peace a chance on sustainable and perpetual basis is a grave endeavor and struggle for warring nations and factions to exist and co-exist peacefully for a better world with equal growth opportunities for all even keeping their social, economic, moral, cultural, religious, territorial, political differences and commonalities intact.

The global effort and struggle for giving peace a chance is not any new phenomenon to the world. USA, UK, Europe, China, Russia, Japan and almost every country in G-20 have been striving for peace processes wherever there is a dire need for it. Especially, United States of America have been championing this cause on the forefront since the second world war. Sometimes League of Nations, NAM, UNO, including other eminent influential world organizations, always took huge responsibility of gravely formidable tasks of maintaining peace all the time and sincerely have been successful a number of times in this effort.

All the nations who thrived for peace also paid a huge price in terms of human lives and finances during the process of keeping all efforts and strives alive for peace. US alone encountered devastating losses of human lives and monetary mischief altogether. US also have to face the music of abhorrence, detest and anti-Americanism throughout the world down the road sometimes. UK-Europe often went through similar experiences of bitter taste of anti-feelings.

Regardless, either it’s the peace process of the Middle East, Gulf-Iraq situation, Af-Pak turmoil, Indo-Pak discord or simply Israel-Palestine conflict issues, it permanently brings negative sentiments for the countries above mentioned.

IKDAR’s appeal ‘World 4 Peace’ is a visionary commitment to join and participate holistically, partly or individually with all efforting and struggling world organizations to create awareness among masses and classes of various societies to live in harmony and to co-exist peacefully.

Resolving world conflicts through dialogue is primarily a dream project of IKDAR in order to push nations to move forward for conquering the infinite world of possibilities and final destination.

Culmination of this dream into a reality needs a great deal of cooperation of organizations, individuals and governments who are working day-in and day-out to break the status quo and removing impediments in the path of tangible, sustainable and perpetual peaceful world.

IKDAR is committed to take giant leaps for a better, peacefully co-existing and conflictfree world through its passionately enduring, daringly innovative and intelligently creative efforts and devout struggle.

There is only one mantra for this unwavering struggle… Restoring, Reviving, Reforming and Refining of all the diminished moral, ethical, cultural, social, economic, political and environmental values we once stood for as mankind.

Forty Fourth President of United States gives lead to us by saying:

“Life is not about the values you seek, it’s about the values you stand for.” ~ President Barack Hussein Obama

The biggest and greatest values of all values are justice and peace. IKDAR is standing for it with conviction, courage and commitment.


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