News Debate with Zain Khan on Star Asia News

Zain Khan hosted TV Show “News Debate with Zain Khan” on TV channel Star Asia News, News Debate was based on Pakistan’s Political Affairs, Current Affairs and Geopolitics. TV Host and Filmmaker Zain Khan interviewed daily diverse political analysts and politicians for their views on the trending political situation in Pakistan and Pakistan’s Foreign Policy. Star Asia News is a Pakistani News Channel HD Where You Watch Live 24/7 Pakistan’s Exclusive Coverage, Headline, Bulletin, Breaking News, Latest News, Top Stories, Top News, Current Affairs, Pakistan News & International News.

Jan Achakzai & Zain Khan talk Afghan Peace Deal on Star Asia News | News Debate

Senior TV Anchorperson Zain Khan interviews senior politician Jan Achakzai on his geopolitical analysis on Afghan Peace Deal, this program clarifies misconceptions on Pakistan’s role in the peace deal. Pakistan’s most anticipated television news channel Star Asia News presents Pakistan’s top analytical show on the Pakistani TV called ‘News Debate with Zain Khan’ hosted by […]

Zain Khan Live: The spiritual dimension for the creation of Pakistan with Allan Keislar

Zain Khan and Allan Keislar discuss the different spiritual layers for the creation of Pakistan, while also going through various predictions from prominent Sufi Saints around the globe regarding Pakistan. The surprising part is that when you go through these predictions, they were documented before the material formation of Pakistan on the map, which indulges […]

Do Vampires Exist ? | Zain Khan & E.R. Vernor