Weekly Report with Zain Khan at ON NEWS HD TV

Zain Khan is Lahore Bureau Chief for TV satellite channel ‘ON NEWS HD’ in Pakistan, as a TV Host & Anchorperson for the channel Zain Khan hosted the TV Show ‘Weekly Report’ which was based on Geopolitics, Foreign Policy and International Relations. Zain Khan also hosted exclusive interview TV Shows at ON NEWS HD, which focused on Lifestyle and Entertainment. ON News HD is a Satellite TV Channel in Pakistan where You Watch Live 24/7 Pakistan’s Exclusive Coverage!

Zain Khan Live: The spiritual dimension for the creation of Pakistan with Allan Keislar

Zain Khan and Allan Keislar discuss the different spiritual layers for the creation of Pakistan, while also going through various predictions from prominent Sufi Saints around the globe regarding Pakistan. The surprising part is that when you go through these predictions, they were documented before the material formation of Pakistan on the map, which indulges […]

Zain Khan Live: FBI investigator John DeSouza explains Liquid water ‘lake’ found on Mars

Zain Khan Live (News) Italian scientists searching for evidence of water on Mars—even signs that it was there billions of years ago—believe they’ve found a lake filled with the liquid just a mile beneath the Red Planet’s southern polar ice cap. Though outside experts have yet to confirm the finding, the body is thought to […]