Zain Khan appearances on TV Channels as guest

TV Host & Filmmaker Zain Khan is a broadcast journalist, geopolitical analyst and academic who appears on various TV channels on various topics of social critic, political analysis and current affairs. Zain Khan also appears on TV as an Anchorperson to host shows of diverse nature revolving around topics of lifestyle, political science, international relations, entertainment and social trends.

Zain Khan a Broadcast Journalist, Filmmaker and Columnist has appeared on many different television shows, where he discusses topics related to defense, geopolitics and also his film projects. As a host of an international geopolitical talk show called ‘Tactical Talk’, Zain Khan gives a multi narrative analysis where he emphasizes on global foreign policy.

Zain Khan Live: The spiritual dimension for the creation of Pakistan with Allan Keislar

Zain Khan and Allan Keislar discuss the different spiritual layers for the creation of Pakistan, while also going through various predictions from prominent Sufi Saints around the globe regarding Pakistan. The surprising part is that when you go through these predictions, they were documented before the material formation of Pakistan on the map, which indulges […]